Providing Complete Solutions in Poultry Equipment

The modern poultry industry is a large contributor of food throughout the world. Raising a large number of chickens or other poultry for food production requires quality equipment. Rilian Huabo is a reliable manufacturer of chicken raising equipment, whose products have been used to raise chickens in humane environments in order to provide the best quality meat and eggs. We supply a variety of poultry equipment and complete solutions for poultry farmers. Our primary products include poultry feeding systems, heating, cooling and ventilation systems, lighting systems and waste removal equipment. As a major poultry equipment supplier in China, we have developed the experience and know-how to meet all of the needs of our customers and help them find the best products and solutions for their specific poultry raising operations. If you are looking for high quality chicken raising equipment, look no further than Rilian Huabo.

Main Products
    1. Poultry Feeding System (with Auger Feed Conveying)

      The system features a feed sensor or limit switch at the end of the main feed line, which controls the drive motor in order to realize automatic feed delivery.

    1. Pan Feeding System (for Broilers)

      The broiler pan feeding system is one of our automatic feeding systems that delivers chicken feed by a motor driven mechanism that is controlled by a feed sensor.

    1. Pan Feeding System (for Breeders)

      The pullet pan feeder uses a chain with a large delivery capacity to supply birds with feed to the newly designed pan with 16 grills.

    1. Nipple Drinking System

      The nipple drinking system was Huabo's original chicken raising equipment. The poultry watering system consists of a drinking nipple spout, water pipe, pressure regulator and water supply.

    1. Feed Silo / Feed Bin

      The feed silo consists of silo body sheets, lid, collar, hopper sheets, roof panels, legs and a ladder system. All parts are carefully engineered to safely store and dispense poultry feed.

    1. Nesting System

      We have developed two nesting systems for egg producing poultry, the manual nesting system and automatic nesting system. These systems were designed based on the natural habits of chickens.