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Pan Feeding System (for Broilers)

The broiler pan feeding system is one of our automatic feeding systems that delivers chicken feed by a motor driven mechanism that is controlled by a feed sensor. The broiler feeder is suitable for supplying food to birds at various life stages.

Hopper: volume-70kgs material-galvanized sheet thickness-1.0mm
Delivery pipe with auger: Ф45mm
Feed pan: 14grills, Ф330mm
Feed sensor or movable control pan for brood
Drive motor: stop delivering auger automatically
Hanging system
Anti-roost system

Feed pan
Diameter: 330mm
Material: PP, corrosion resistant, UV, anti-aging
Grill: 14 grills
Number of birds/pan: 40-50birds/pan

Feature of feed pan
1. 360° rotation can prevent injuries to birds
2. Shut-off adjustment slide
3. Feed level adjustment ring.
4. Special feed pan bottom design to prevent feed waste.
5. Special window on feed cone helps monitor feed level.

Easy to assemble and disassemble

Delivery system
Feed pipe: 4holes/3m, 3holes/3m
Diameter: 45mm
Material: galvanized steel with zinc coating 275g/㎡
Thickness: 1.2mm
Auger: Originated from South Africa
Delivery capacity: 450kgs/h

Hanging system of pan feed line
1. The hanging system of the pan feed line consists of a winch, pulley, fasteners, stainless steel wire and clamp.
2. Height of thepan feed line system can be adjusted by winch,appropriate pan height is very important for poultry growing.
3. Correct height: Birds back height=Upper height and outer edge of pan grill.
4. Pan feed line can be lifed by hanging system, which improves cleaning and allows the birds to move more freely.