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Pan Feeding System (for Breeders)

Thispan feeding system for breeders is an excellent piece of equipment for breeder management. Controlled feeding is essential to the development of laying hens and other birds during the rearing process. This feeding system combines chain and pan feeding in order to provide a more effective process for chicken raising. The pullet pan feeder uses a chain with a large delivery capacity to supply birds with feed to the newly designed pan with 16 grills.

Drive unit
1. The chain drive unit is always separate from the feeder, so that the feeding system can be adapted to any house situation.
2. The chain speed is 36m/min.
3. Customer could choose the motor according to the chain's length.
4. Output of motor: 2.2kw

Feed Trough with Chain
High speed chain, big feed capacity
Delivery capacity: 2 Tons/H
High tensile strength
Chain works smoothly in the trough.
Easy maintenance

The high quality specially designed corner
Fully hardened guide rail
Lubrication-free corner wheel with plastic bushing

Features of breeder pan
1. 16 feed grills
2. Less investment cost per bird
3. Circular arrangement of hens around the pan
4. Feeds 30% more birds per running meter than a linear trough
5. Special female only FO grill allows for adjustment of 11 feed grill width, additional level ring for 3 feed grill height
6. Different grill sizes, thus suitable for all breeders
7. 12 sizes of feeding space can be adjusted to hen's growth
8. Elevated feed channel and rotatable pan
9. Enough freedom of movement for the birds
10. Easy cleaning

Technical data of feed delivery system
Delivery system
Hopper capacity: 350kgs/280kgs
Drive unit speed: 36m/min
Delivery capacity: >2T/H

Length of each feed pan
Feed trough: 4holes/3.6m, 900mm
Feed trough, 4holes/3.4m,850mm

Hopper: 48kgs/150kgs/250kgs