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Chain Feeding System (for Breeders)

This chain feeding system uses a cycloid pin wheel deceleration device to drive the mechanism which transport feed to the birds. Compared to gear reduction devices, this poultry feeding system is stable and reliable for uniform feeding. The feeding device has an operating rate of 36m/min, which is significantly higher than other feed delivery systems.

Our breeder chain feeding system is designed with a lifting device for the feed trough, allowing the operator to adjust the height. The system is constructed of specially treated alloys and other corrosion resistant materials to greatly extend service life. The chicken raising equipment is designed with a cover plate between the feed hopper and connection part of the feed trough, effectively preventing feed spillage.

Main features

Feed box: 250kgs/150kgs

Drive motor
It could be adapted to any house situation.
High chain speed: 36s/min
Motor output: 1.5kw or 2.2kw depending on chain length

Fully hardened guide rail.
Lubrication-free plastic (POM) bearing for a long service life.

Feed trough leg
The height of feed trough can be adjusted according to different raising period.

Feed trough with chain
Galvanized sheet
High tensile strength
Smooth chain works within feed trough