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Nipple Drinking System

The nipple drinking system was Huabo's original chicken raising equipment. The poultry watering system consists of a drinking nipple spout, water pipe, pressure regulator and water supply. Automatic drinking systems are extremely important for poultry raising as it is vital to keep birds hydrated and healthy for food production, whether they are used as broiler drinkers or breeder drinkers.

1. Square water supply pipe (22mm x 22mm)
2. Light resistant water pipe prevent algae
3. Nipple with stainless steel body and plastic shell
4. Galvanized support pipe
5. Easy push together assembly
6. Folding hangers hold the water pipe firmly in place

Technical data
Flow rate 10L/H-2.5m³/H
Working pressure 0.3bar-6bar
Dosing rate 0.02L/H-50L/H
Maximum working temperature 40 ℃
Adjustment ratio 0.2 % to 2 % (1:500-1:50)
Connecting size: external thread G3/4
Water flow 0.45L every other “kata" click sound

(1) End kit with clear sight tube

Flexible sight tube allows easy pressure reading.
Strong design

(2) Regulator with clear sight tube
Deliver different volume of water at an adjustable pressure.
Heavy duty construction.
Pressure regulator with one outlet and with two outlets.

High quality water pipe
Size: 22mm x 22mm
Thickness: 2.2mm
Material: high quality PVC
Light resistant water pipe prevent algae.

(3) Huabo nipple
HB120/HB80 nipple
8-12 birds/nipple
Broiler & duck
15 years
SS nipple
Stainless steel
Rabbit and duck

(4) One-arm drink cup
The easy to install drink cup is available as an option on our watering system.

(5) Front part of the drinking line
Water quality is extremely important for all drinking systems. The special design of the front part of the drinking line supplies water and can be fitted with a Dosatron medicator, but it also removes sediment to protect the system.

1. It can dose the water soluble medicine automatically to prevent disease.
2. Using water pressure as power source instead of electricity,it is economical and reliable.
3. It can precisely regulate the amount of additives to water ratio.
4. Easy and convenient operation,
5. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion.