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Cooling pad system

As a professional poultry house equipment manufacturer, Huabo offers a high quality cooling pad system to help regulate the temperature of birds in poultry houses. The cooling pad is made up of a wet pad system and water circulation system (water cycle and water pump). The pad cooling system provides a large surface area for heat exchange of air and water. It also works as a nature air filter. It features excellent corrosion resistance, high strength and a long service life.

The poultry house cooling pad system can be customized based on customer demand.

Wet Curtain Paper Specifications
Specification: Thickness: 0.1m/0.15m; Height: 1.5m/1.8m/2.0m; Width: 0.3m/0.6m.
Angle:45°/15° or 45°/45°.

Water Pump Specification
Frame: Aluminum alloy frame

Technical data of water pump
a. power: 0.6kw, flow rate: 7m³/h, lift: 13m
b. power: 0.8kw, flow rate: 7m³/h, lift: 20m
c. power: 1.1kw, flow rate: 30m³/h, lift: 10m