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Air Inlet System

Thepoultry house air inlet system consists of a ventilation window and a control device. It is essential farming equipment for livestock farmers who have animals that are housed indoors. We produce attic inlets and poultry sidewall inlets in a variety of specifications. Automatic and manual controller options are available for the environmental control system.

Products Display
Huabo air inlet

Type: HB620
Material: High quality polystyrene
Size: 620mmx230mm

1. Easy installation
2. Main door molded in two pieces preventing deformation
3. Main door has an insulated core, preventing condensation on the inside
4. Adjustable flap allowing fine adjustment of air flow patterns
5. Withstands cleaning with a high pressure cleaner

Type: HB1100
Material: High quality PS project plastics, solid and durable, anti-aging and anti-UV
Size: 1100mm x 330mm

1. Winter lock for sealing inlets tightly during inactive period
2. Curved louver directs fresh air upward and seed it to the center of the house
3. Integrated mesh prevent wild animal entry

1. Auto winch works with the help of environment controller according to setting pressure of poultry house.
2. After receiving command, auto winch can pull the inlet to change its opening angle.
3. Automatic adjustment of working pressure settings of the bird house.
4. Light trap can also be installed.

The operators can monitor the pressure meter in the house and make adjustment with the manual winch.

Installation data
1. Air inlet wall should be in the same plane.
2. The wall structure under the air inlet 15cm should be available with expansion bolt not hollow brick.
3. To prevent rainwater intrusion, the height of inner wall under air inlet should be higher than the external wall.
4. Pre-embeded wood frame if any should be flush with the interior wall.