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Climate Controller

Huabo climate controllers are excellent pieces of animal control equipment that help maintain the quality of the air and regulate temperature within poultry houses and other livestock houses.

Product selection

Rotem's ‍AC-2000 Controllers ‍provide an advanced and cost-effective computerized control solution for ‍poultry broilers, breeders ‍and for ‍swine, ‍with unique AC-2000 editions available for each animal. ‍

AC-2000 units provide
1. control over temperature, humidity, static pressure, light, feed, water and more
2. feature a comprehensive management menu
3. optional PC communication software ‍

The AC-2000 features Rotem's ‍Precision Ventilation ‍technology, an innovative technology that has revolutionized poultry house ventilation worldwide. Precision Ventilation features Dynamic Cruise Control, which automatically adjusts the ventilation system according to the changes in temperature, humidity and static pressure. The system takes intoconsideration the wind chill factor, fan air capacity, minimum required ventilation according to bird weight, and the temperature differential between the two ends of the house.

1. Precision Ventilation technology conserves feed and reduces energy consumption
2. User-friendly software enables simple management
3. One person at one computer terminal can manage multiple poultry houses
4. Continual monitoring and analysis of a wide range of parameters provides real time data
5. Unit maintains optimal environmental conditions inside the poultry house
6. Comprehensive data sent in real time
7. Alarms sent in case of malfunction enable fast response time

1. Digital inputs provide data on the feed count , water meter, and wind direction
2. 0 to 10 volt analog outputs enable control over light dimmers and variable speed fans
3. Control over heating and cooling functions
4. History functions provides complete data on controller events
5. Full control via a PC (both locally and remotely) is possible by installing a Communication Card or by connecting the Controller to a Rotem Communicator.

1. Up to six temperature sensors
2. Up to two electronic humidity sensors (inside for control, outside for information)
3. Up to two bird scales ‍
4. Supports standard, radiant, and variable heaters
5. Unique static pressure sensor (optional)
6. PC communication
7. Alarm output
8. Flexibility in add-on capacity
1) Poultry scale
2) Water meter

Temptron 616 is a complete low cost climate controller designed to control advanced tunnel ventilated poultry houses. The unit is a 16 stage controller that functions according to static pressure. The ventilation and heating are controlled according to the birds' age and weight to give optimal performance.

Temptron 616 is an easy to operate climate controller for advanced tunnel ventilated poultry houses. It is a 16 stage controller incorporated with a fan speed regulator or light dimmer. Ventilation and heating are regulated according to the birds' age and weight for optimum results. The unit links the air inlets or cooling curtain to the fans according to programmed fan stages or static pressure control to ensure proper ventilation throughout the entire growing period.
Temptron 616 can operate the minimal ventilation using speed regulation or as an on/off minimum ventilation timer with an automatic transition from minimum ventilation to maximum tunnel ventilation.

A 4 phase ventilation system incorporates
Minimum: ventilation drawing air through the inlets.
Transitional: tunnel ventilation drawing air through the inlets.
Natural ventilation: natural ventilation by side curtains.
Tunnel: tunnel ventilation drawing air through the cooling curtain.

Temptron 616 has a number of time clocks for operation of the feeders, light and water systems. It has alarms for high and low temperature and power failure, as well as registration of water and feed intake and minimum temperature and humidity over a 24 hour period. You can have a full PC communication control and download information to and from the unit by infra communication to a palm.