Nesting System

We have developed two nesting systems for egg producing poultry, the manual nesting system and automatic nesting system. These systems were designed based on the natural habits of chickens. Both poultry systems can be applied for egg laying chickens and ducks.

Product Selection

This laying nest uses a 0.5mm thickness galvanized sheet for its primary structure. It features 24 holes for each laying box. Hole quantity can be customized according to customer demand as well. Here you'll see an example of a poultry nesting system with the following specifications: L1525mm*W930mm*H1080mm. This device has an expected service life of 10 years. The top of system designed with a 32 degree arc that effectively shields light. There are ventilation holes on both sides of the nests, ensuring proper ventilation. With a double layer design, the nesting system can effectively increase egg production space to avoid congestion, so as to provide the most ideal egg laying environment.

The automatic nesting system is designed with an automatic chicken pushing system to effectively reduce the labor intensity of the farming staff. The whole cabinet can be adjusted freely for lifting, thus saving space. An egg collecting belt uses a square hole conveying belt to limit eggs rolling onto the belt, and also can effectively reduce manure buildup on the belt. This type of poultry nesting system can effectively enhance egg production efficiency.