Developing History

Huabo operates its own poultry equipment production facility with an area of 33,000 square meters located in Chenyang District, Qingdao City, China.

In 2001
Huabo began work on a national sparking plan project from the National Ministry of Science and Technology.

In 2002
Huabo was named an industry standard producer of poultry nipple feeder. The official designation code is NY/t649-2002.

In 2005
Huabo began production of a full line of poultry equipment in the Chinese domestic market and also some international orders.

After several years of use and testing of Huabo equipment, Huabo began a full scale international operation.

March, 2013
Huabo participated at VIV Thailand.

June, 2013
Huabo took part in Agrena Egypt.

August, 2013
Huabo participated in the Livestock 2013 Philippines Expo.

Sep, 2013
Huabo took part in IPE2013 Pakistan.

Oct, 2013
Huabo participated in Animal Farming Ukraine 2013.

At the end of Jan, 2014
Huabo took part in IPPE Atlanta, USA.

June, 2014
Huabo participated Avi Africa South Africa.

Sep, 2014
Huabo took part in VIV Beijing.

March, 2015
Huabo participated VIV Thailand.

June, 2015
Huabo will take part in VIV Turkey. Booth number: C29, Hall 11.

May, 2015
Huabo began producing pig farming equipment.

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