Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and that means that we need to do more than just provide high quality poultry farming equipment. We offer a variety of services to keep our poultry products working as they should.

General Consultation
We have a professional team to provide you with comprehensive advice about your poultry raising products. We can assist you in site selection and land planning during initial stages.

Technical consultation
After land has been chosen, we can assist in the design based on factors such as structure conditions, clearance heights utilities, etc.

Project cost estimation
After a full analysis of the situation and your specific goals regarding poultry farming, we can compile an accurate estimation of the total cost of production.

After sale consultation
When everything is established and running properly, we offer training and suggestions on how to maintain your poultry equipment to extend the working life of all our products.

Huabo produces and packs all goods according to the order. During order confirmation you can also request special packaging and arranging options.

Shipping and documents handling
Huabo has a professional shippping and documents handling team. If you have little or no experience with shipping or customs clearance, we can help facilitate the process.

Installation and commissioning
Our professional installation and commissioning team can help save you time and money by quickly and properly setting up your poultry products.

If you have interest in Huabo products and would like to promote in your market, we can provide education regarding our equipment and help you to partner with us for future marketing endeavors.

Equipment maintainance
Contact us to perform site visits in order to maintain equipment, keeping it in proper working condition.

Equipment repair
We offer quick and reliable repair services to minimize any downtime caused by any equipment failure whether it is caused by accident or malfunction.

Thanks to our complete poultry system solutions and perfect service system, our products found usages in many countries. Some of our clients are listed as below.

Customer: Georgia Poultry

In 2012, Georgia Poultry Supply from Venezuela contacted us about broiler raising equipment after seeing our website. The customer required 10 chicken houses and we were able to deliver on the poultry equipment order. As of 2014 the facility is fully operational and we have received positive feedback.

Customer: Mr Lin from Myanmar

In 2013, Mr. Lin met Huabo representatives at an international exhibition and looked for information about breeder raising equipment. At the end of 2014, the customer placed an order and we had him fully operational at the beginning of 2015.

Customer: Dr. from Qatar

At the end of 2014, a customer from Qatar order broiler equipment for his 9 houses. In 2015, Huabo technicians finished the commissioning and installation much to the customer's delight.

Agent or distributor
Huabo is looking for agents or distributors all over the world. Agents should have some experience in this industry as well as an established sales team.

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